Policy Analysis

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Choose a social welfare policy (healthcare, empowerment, housing and other programs) geared towards assisting the poor, unemployed and marginalized in society.

Policy Overview
Provide a thorough and detailed description of the policy

Define the problem
Define the problem this policy seeks to address, including specific facts and figures as appropriate

What are the goals or expected outcomes of the policy?

List and compare alternative means (policy, program, etc.) of achieving the above goals to address the above problem

Describe how this policy was implemented. For example, how is the law enforced? What agencies or programs are involved in administration?

Evaluate the efficacy of the policy using specific facts and figures as appropriate

Focus area
The chosen policy clearly fits into one of the following social work focus areas: health, mental health/substance abuse, children & families.


Citations and References
Paper incorporated course material (textbook) and any additional applicable academic (empirical) materials (e.g. journal articles) demonstrating understanding of social welfare policy related to your chosen focus area (aging, mental health, children & families or healthcare). These were cited appropriately, both in-text and in references

Writing and Organization
Paper is organized, well-written and grammatically appropriate, reflecting graduate-level writing

Paper follows APA guidelines, including title page references and section headings

Paper is between 6-8 pages NOT including title page and references

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