Describe the technology involved.

Describe the technology involved.

• 3-4 single-spaced typed pages plus a title page
• Must include at least 3 references
• Title page with title of project, names and date
• Edited for spelling and grammar
• Must include a bibliography/reference list using APA Citation Style (see below for details). May not cite

Paper Specifics:
1. (2 points) Choose a contemporary engineering topic which is the subject of some ethical debate.
a. Describe the technology involved.
2. (2 points) Describe a specific dilemma, either from real cases or in general terms.
3. (3 points) Identify the top ethical challenges of this dilemma.
a. Address the conflicting responsibilities, competing rights, clashing ideals, and positives and negatives
4. Find an engineering code of ethics (AIChE, NSPE, other). Clearly state in your paper which code you have chosen.
5. (12 points) Choose three items from the code of ethics to discuss in greater detail.
a. How does each item apply to your dilemma?
b. For ONE item, how would a minimalist, due-care AND good works engineer proceed? (please do all
three cases for ONE of your items).
6. (8 points) Give 3 suggested ways of resolving this dilemma.
a. Use one of the 4 Tests (see slides from class – example, Mother’s Test) to evaluate each solution.
b. Discuss which action seems to be the best (or which solution was chosen).
(3 points) Three acceptable, APA-styled references
(3 points) Grammar and spelling
(2 points) Style (3-4 single-spaced typed pages plus title page)

Examples of contemporary engineering topics (feel free to choose something not on this
1. Biotechnology
i. Gene therapy
ii. Recombinant bovine somatotropin (ethical to cows, people?)
iii. Genetically-modified plants
iv. Use of pesticides, herbicides
v. Animal testing
2. Energy / Environmental
i. Fracking
ii. Dams can negatively affect native species and people
iii. Fossil fuels lead to CO2 emissions
iv. Biofuels crops compete with the food chain
v. Nuclear energy
vi. Chemical release to the surrounding land/water/atmosphere
vii. How to obtain clean water
3. Nanotechnology
i. Can nanoparticles in sunscreen harm your body?
ii. Can nanobots pose a threat?
4. IT
i. Computer technology dependence means computer viruses are bigger threats
ii. Does the marketing of engineered computer devices eventually lead to less personal interactions
5. Many, many others!

Write your Curriculum Vitae (CV). Refer to the template on pages 618-619 in DeNisco and Barker (2013). Your CV should not exceed 2 pages in length.

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